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Why Editing and Proofreading?


You’ve just put your heart and soul into a project—be it a grant proposal to fund your next year of research, an academic paper or article that gets you on the road to the next step of your career, a travel/adventure novel you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, or maybe even a blog post that will get people’s attention and really bring traffic to your site—what now?

Do you hit send and hope everything is correct? What if you missed a typo, misspelled a word, have punctuation errors, or worse—an issue with your research and facts? It could change the meaning of your work and how people interpret your message.

Small errors can make a huge difference in letting your ideas shine through to your readers! Error-free material builds trust and establishes you as an expert. Mistakes do just the opposite. That's where I come in to help. I will look over your work and find the small mistakes, without changing your voice or message. Let’s work together to make your project perfect and allow your words to speak for themselves.



New: Grant Writing Services!

On top of editing, I now offer grant writing services to my clients. More details will be posted here soon. In the meantime, reach out to me directly for information on my prices and availability.

My goal is to help perfect your work.

We both want the same thing—to have your readers understand exactly what you mean and to be inspired when they read your writing. Why don’t we work together to make your project shine?


I offer all levels of editing–

     * from basic proofreading: a cursory review for spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors

     * to copy editing: a deeper look at technical issues like consistency, clarity, and grammar

     * to full content editing: an in-depth assessment of writing content/style as well as fact-checking and researching key topics


At the end of the day, my goal is to preserve your voice and your message, but also to present the most polished product possible. We want your readers to trust you and think of your writing as expert material. So, contact me to see how I can fine-tune your project and how we can inspire your readers together. I look forward to hearing from you!




I know it’s an antiquated concept, but I like to think I was put in this world to be a curator. Whether it’s working with a library of books, to fine-tuning my garden, to planning the perfect adventure trip for a group of friendsI love tweaking the details of a project to make it the best possible experience for everyone involved.

From a young age, I was a world traveler. As an American, I lived in Germany before I had even turned five, and I visited all 50 states in the United States by my early 20s. I was lucky to be exposed to so many cultures in my formative years; this allowed me to appreciate diversity in other people and gave me a knack for finding common ground with anyone.

Perhaps it was my educational background and work in engineering, or my strong interest in all things science, that taught me to look closely at the details. Or maybe it was my time as an educator, both in the outdoor/ski industry and in aviation, that gave me the skills to find solutions where others fail and the know-how to make people shine. Whatever it was that brought me here, I’m excited to bring my curating skills to your writing, to fine-tune your details and make your message clear, so it can speak to your audience all over the world.




This is a surface-level check where common errors are identified and corrected, to include:

     * spelling               * grammar

     * punctuation     * word formatting

$0.015 per word or $4.50 per page (assuming about 300 words per page)

Copy Editing:

Copy editing includes proofreading, plus it goes deeper looking into technical issues such as:

  * consistency          * clarity

     * advanced grammar       

$0.020 per word or $6.00 per page (assuming about 300 words per page)

Content Editing:

Content editing takes the most in-depth look at your material and writing. It includes proofreading and copy editing, plus evaluates:

  * writing content         * writing style

     * research and fact-checking      

$0.025 per word or $7.50 per page (assuming about 300 words per page)

Grant Writing:

I offer everything from researching grant funding, to writing letters of inquiry, to helping you submit full grant proposals. Contact me for details.





We teach folks how to write winning grants with an online course. We hired Anna Nelson Edits to review the entire course experience and give us feedback. WOWZERS! Worth. Every. Penny. She caught the tiniest errors and provided non-stop wonderful details. Her touch is subtle, but it's high impact. 10/10 would recommend Anna to a friend!
-Meredith Noble,
Founder of LearnGrantWriting.Org



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